Define/refine your brand

Why does your brand matter? In a sea of choices, why should people choose you? We help you answer these questions so it’s clear to customers what your brand stands for. When they do, you’ll be able to build the kind of meaningful relationships with your customers that keep them coming back for more.

The Possibility Shop can:

  • Design and execute leading-edge quantitative and deep-dive empathy research to surface consumer insights and provide marketplace context

  • Discover or fortify your brand positioning, purpose, personality, voice, look and feel

  • Create a style guide for your brand

  • Lead your brand refresh or re-branding efforts

  • Measure awareness, appeal and most valuable attributes of your brand, and create brand metrics dashboards for ongoing brand health tracking

Tell your brand story

Your customers are swimming in thousands of messages every day. You need compelling, distinctive, breakthrough creative and experiences that stand apart and reflect what you stand for. That’s how you will win their attention, earn their trust and fuel long term brand loyalty. We can help.

The Possibility Shop can:

  • Deliver breakthrough creative for any platform or channel, including video, digital, graphic packaging and print

  • Optimize video for social media to drive consumer choices that meet your marketing and fundraising goals

  • Craft creative briefs that help teams turn brand purpose into compelling creative, campaigns and experiences

  • Explore creative direction and campaign ideas with audiences through traditional or online research

  • Create distinct and memorable brand experiences that turn into lasting memories for your customers and turn your customers into advocates for your brand

Evolve your brand               

Your brand is well defined, but in today’s ever-changing world, you know you need to find new ways to attract and retain customers. With us at your side, you’ll create products, services, strategies and campaigns that respond to emerging customer needs.

The Possibility Shop can:

  • Facilitate brand innovation workshops to tackle complex business challenges, explore new opportunities and inspire your team to think differently about how to add meaningful new value for your customers— all rooted deeply in your core brand values

  • Immerse your team in human centered design practices to build your brand (if you are new to human centered design, also called design thinking, our Design Thinking Quick Start Guide offers an introduction)

  • Co-create prototypes, pilot programs and experiments to help you learn what works and what would work better, mitigating risk and using resources in the smartest ways possible



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