The Possibility Shop is an innovative brand consultancy that leads purpose-driven brands into the future--with smarts, heart and an unwavering belief that anything is possible.  Founded by award-winning brand innovation expert Kelly Chmielewski, we are fueled by our vision of a world where innovative brands make life easier, better, and more fulfilling for all of us.

A vision of possibility

Our modern lives are proof of possibility.

What if we could send someone to the moon?
Who says we can't circumnavigate the globe in a flying machine?
Why not carry our entire music collection in our pocket?

Each of these things once seemed impossible.  Then someone had the curiosity, the courage and the creativity to imagine what was possible.  To see past "we can't" to "what if?" From what was, to what was possible. To imagine--and invent--the future.  We bring this same curiosity, courage and creativity to every question we ask and every project we take on.

Let's invent the future of your brand

When brands clearly and boldly define why they matter...

when they express themselves in ways that break through the noise of modern life…

when they dare to innovate, finding new ways to give customers what they need, even if they don’t know it yet…

...brands unlock possibilities.  And they make life easier, better and more fulfilling for all of us.

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about Kelly Chmielewski

Brand Champion, Innovator + Founder

Kelly Chmielewski is an award-winning brand innovation expert passionate about the infinite possibilities that emerge from the intersection of exceptional brand strategy, storytelling and design. Kelly helps teams turn brand purpose into meaningful customer experiences that drive success for their organizations.

Prior to opening The Possibility Shop, Kelly led the PBS brand through 15 years of extraordinary change. Her team delivered innovative brand strategy, creative, and experiential campaigns resulting in double-digit brand engagement and widespread industry recognition, including a national EMMY® Award.

Kelly serves as a pro bono strategist for the Taproot Foundation and a member of the TEDxMidAtlantic executive planning team. She also is a global wanderer who recently returned from her first visit to Cuba, where she one day plans to host brand innovation retreats.